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Little spring update

Hi everyone !

It is Spring now, tui birds are everywhere and we started to look properly after the veggie garden again. Those two last years have been a thought time for everybody, including me and my family, and this spring I have this feeling like I can eventually say this is behind us. Fingers crossed.
I have been doing some very cool tattoos lately, and also started posting more on social medias. I’m hoping to post a bit more regularly here too, and am working on a little something for Xmas… ssshhhhhh..

It is October, and October means Inktober! I’ve decided to do it this year for the 3d time in 10 years (hahaha) and you can follow my work on instagram ( @diine_the_fox ) but I’ll post it around here too at some point I promess; not everyone have social medias.

looking forward posting lot of cool artwork here again!

see you soon

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Little cuty

Winter is here, life is busy and we are so blessed in New Zealand to not have to worry about covid as much as other countries all over the world.

I’m back into my art routine for a few months now (baby is turning one in August) and you can follow my work on Instagram. My insta community is very eclectic, so my posts are very simple. I decided to open a patreon….. feels like a place to share more work in progress and artist life? But it doesn’t feel really smartphone friendly, so I will need a bit of time to get into it properly.

Here is a little puppy to add an image to this chat!

“Pi” watercolors, pencils, ink