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Bonjour ! My name is Adi,
I am an illustrator based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I have been drawing from a young age, studied Fine Arts and decided to head out to a graphic design school to get the skills and knowledge to handle projects that would come to me. I then worked and evolved in that field for 6 years. If I can make people’s day a bit better by what I do, then it’s my happy place !
I love working with outlines, contrasts, bold statements and colourful compositions.
When not drawing on Photoshop, you’ll find me carving some lino, using my POSCA markers on anything I can, sketching people in cafes or just experimenting some other drawing techniques.

If you like what you see and have a project idea, please get in touch, new projects are exciting !
Whether it is illustration for posters, magazines, articles, walls artwork, tiny cards, every shape is groovy !

Don’t be shy and flick me a message via the form down there or via my instagram page !
But if you want to meet in person, I am at Remarkables Market in Frankton this season 2022/2023 !